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Cheat Codes

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Finding Popular FarmVille Cheat Codes

Since its release in 2009, FarmVille, the hugely popular social networking game, has had legions of fans plowing their land, harvesting their crops, and raising their livestock in farm simulations that are as engaging as they are challenging. For even the most seasoned FarmVille enthusiast, cheat codes can add a new level of depth and playability to the game. Cheat codes are available across the web, but some resources provide a higher quality of code...(more)

Top 5 Codes for Speeding Up Your Game of Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion is one of the most popular games to be released on Windows or the Xbox 360 in the past 6 years. Despite being released so long ago, the game is still enjoyed by gamers around the world. Part of the appeal of The Elder Scrolls is its sweeping world, which provides countless hours of meaningful gameplay. One downside to this, however, is that it makes playing the game an extremely time-consuming endeavor. While certain strategies may be employed to streamline the experience, many gamers find they need more assistance to make the game faster while still getting the full experience. Thankfully, the developers have included a number of useful cheat codes for Oblivion that can streamline the game without making it feel like you are cheating....(more)

Helpful Cheats For Scarface: The World Is Yours

Scarface: The World Is Yours is a popular game, especially due to its ties to the classic movie, Scarface. It is intended as a quasi-sequel to the movie, starting three months after the end of the movie. The game has an open environment, allowing for greater freedom of play but it can also be challenging due to having multiple ways of completing an objective....(more)

Popular Cheat Codes for Oblivion Item List

Playing video games is a great stress reliever and a fun hobby for millions of people all around the world. Video games lets gamers race cars around miles of track or save the princess from the castle. Video games allow you to do pretty much anything you want. A successful example of such a video game is found in Oblivion, for the PC. Players can create and build up characters to help save that world, but it takes a lot of armor, spells, and weapons to so. With these popular Oblivion cheat codes for the items list, the many quests to save the world from the invasion of Mehrunes Dagon just became easier. While in game, press the ~ (tilde key) to open up the console then type player.additem "code", without quotations. For example, here is the input format for Potion of Shock Shield: player.additem00009AE3. The following codes work on...(more)

Xbox 360 Codes

Fun Cheat Codes for Your Favorite XBox 360 Fighting Games

Video gaming has evolved from requiring the Konami code just to beat that final boss. With plenty of menu options in modern games, players no longer need to press long button sequences for an easier experience. Still, many game developers insert a few hidden opportunities to make the games just a little more enjoyable. Good fighting games include plenty of secret codes to make the game more challenging, invoke some nostalgia or just add a bit of crazy humor....(more)

Use These Hints and Cheats to Step Up Your Game in Grand Theft Auto Iv for Xbox 360

Grand Theft Auto IV for the Xbox 360 is one of the best open world games available on the console. Developer Rockstar again has built a game with hours of over-the-top violence and hilarious dialogue that can keep most gamers entertained for dozens, if not hundreds, of hours. Want to take your game to the next level? Read the hints and cheats for Grand Theft Auto IV below....(more)

Five Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Hints for Game Play

You want to become the Elder Scrolls: Oblivion master, right? It is a tough thing to do. This game is very large and difficult to complete. However, with a little practice, and a few Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Hints, you can succeed. Remember that Elder Scrolls is not a typical cheatcode type of game. You have to complete a variety of quests in order to gain access to new powers, receive gold, earn points and to progress forward....(more)

Xbox Codes

Entering Cheat Codes on an Xbox

A majority of games on Xbox and Xbox 360 will have available cheat codes. These cheat codes can do anything from give your character extra money to making them invincible. In order to input a cheat code on the gaming system, you will require an Xbox controller, which can be any number of colors from black to white and everything in between. Each cheat code will have its own way of being inputted, and most cheat codes will be given with abbreviations....(more)

Madden NFL 12 Cheats, Tricks, and Codes Guaranteed to Get You to the Superbowl

Madden NFL 12 is one of the most realistic games of its generation and is available on the Xbox game console. The franchise, owned by Electronic Arts (EA) Sports packs a feature set of tips, tricks, and cheat codes that help you get anything. The tricks, cheat codes, and tips can help your team get the edge over your opponents to being able to create team players that all have 99 in stats. Check out some of the Xbox codes you can try out on Madden NFL 12. The madden Xbox controls can be changed to your control preferences....(more)

What Are the Best Scarface the Game Cheatcodes for Xbox?

Scarface was the talk of 1983 and 1932, as both films were considered extremely violent films for their time. While it would have been fitting irony for the Scarface franchise to beat Grand Theft Auto and Postal to the video game market, Scarface's violence was a bit too late for jaded gamers to make an explosive impact by the time it was released in 2006. Still, there are many fans of Scarface's all-or-nothing approach to gangster life?not to mention many fans who worship Al Pacino's over-the-top and yet occasionally subtle performance in the film. In Scarface: The Game for Xbox, the world is yours, especially with these handy codes....(more)